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Formalizing processes for maximum wealth with asset management software

Formalizing Business Processes with Asset Management Software for Maximum Wealth Creation

Small landlords with just a few buildings own most commercial…
When to make the leap to new commercial real estate investment software

New Commercial Real Estate Investment Software – When to Make the Leap

What factors hold you back from making decisions on new business…
Old system and ad hoc workflow in online business systems. What is the competitive cost?

The Costs of Not Moving to Modern Online Business Systems

Online business systems in the financial sector Modern online…
CAM Calculations

Calculating the CAMs (Common Area Maintenance)

Why is common area maintenance relevant? Commercial net lease…
Landord-tenant loans - Risky and difficult or win-win?

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Loans: Yes or No?

Landlords and property management companies don’t often employ…

Business Systems: Entry-Level or Enterprise-Level?

So, you’re looking to improve your business systems and discovered…
Commercial leasehold improvements cost accounting

How are Leasehold Improvements Accounted For?

What are leasehold improvements? Leasehold improvements are…
Commercial net leasing

An Introduction to Commercial Net Leasing & Commercial Lease Software

Why should I be concerned with commercial lease software when…